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Our Presses & Shears


600 T

The Konkest press / shear meets the needs of small and medium-sized construction sites who want to add value to their products. It is the ideal investment for metal salvagers, who have to process a multitude of different materials.


1000 T

Konkeror presses / shears are robust machines, designed with the same technique as our heavy-duty shears, allowing the treatment of most metals and demolition waste while ensuring attractive running costs.


600 TO 1000 T

Mobile presses / shears, based on the Konkeror model, are road approved machines. This mobility represents a significant advantage for companies which work on several sites or which offer a subcontracting service.


600 TO 1250 T

The TRAX © self-propelled press / shear, patented by LEFORT ®, is designed to offer unrivaled mobility on site. Drastically minimizing handling, the LEFORT® TRAX © is the optimal solution to save time and reduce costs!

Koloss TS

1000 TO 1450 T

The KOLOSS TS, equipped with a flap-type compression tank, are heavy-duty, extremely robust series shears capable of pressing and shearing very large quantities of varied scrap, light to medium-heavy.

Koloss BL

1000 TO 2000 T

The KOLOSS BL, equipped with a side compression bin, are the ideal machines for handling the largest and heaviest scrap.


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